Restaurant Review: Rice and Noodles in Lancaster, PA

We are a big fans of Vietnamese food so we were very excited to check out Rice and Noodles in Lancaster for the first time!

When we entered the restaurant we were seated quickly and given their extensive menu to peruse. They even have a large selection of beverages, our friend got the Tra Da Chanh, an iced jasmine tea with sweetened lime juice and it was amazing. It begged to be spiked and enjoyed on a porch some summer afternoon. The menu is large and creative, veering away from the expected pho dishes and into sandwiches, lettuce wraps, stir fries and other creative offerings.

Bailey’s Take!
I find with Vietnamese restaurants that I usually don’t like to go into them. Though I love the food, in our area, many of them don’t seem very well kept. With Rice and Noodles I did not have this reaction. I started out by going to their website. It is well designed and fashionable, showing that the owners know how much a restaurant’s web presence can help it’s business.

I decided to be adventurous and order the Vermicelli Noodle Patty Wraps. It was basically the Vermicelli noodle bowls but deconstructed so the diner can assemble them into lettuce wraps. I ordered the fried tofu and it came with the noodles topped with green onion and crispy shallots, basil, marinated cucumbers, carrots and onions, as well as peanut sauce. The flavors were delicious but I think I should have just ordered the bowl instead of the wraps.  They used green leaf lettuce instead of a Bibb lettuce, so it was very hard to wrap and the wraps kept falling apart on me.

Photo 2013-05-17 10.34.50 AM Photo 2013-05-17 10.34.23 AM Photo 2013-05-17 10.34.42 AM

The Veggies with the Wraps         The Fried Tofu                   The Peanut Sauce

Megan’s Take!
I’m a sucker for pho – I absolutely love it, and I usually judge a Vietnamese restaurant by the quality of their pho. Combine my pho obsession with the fact that I was fighting a cold and craving some soup, and I couldn’t *not* get my pho on!

I was not disappointed with my order! I chose the Pho Tai, which is medium rare beef pho. I loved that I could choose how my meat was cooked – I’ve gotten overly cooked beef pho before that was very leathery, this was tender and cooked to perfection. The broth was flavorful and satisfying, and the accompanying sprouts, basil, lime, and peppers were perfectly portioned to the size of the serving. I liked that I didn’t have a mountain of sprouts leftover when I was done, since it always makes me feel wasteful!

photo 4         photo 3
The Pho Tai                                                         The Accoutrements

Overall, we felt that the portions were large and the prices were very reasonable. The interior of the restaurant was clean and modern furniture kept the place looking simple and fresh, much like the food. Rice and Noodles would be a great choice for someone new to Vietnamese food or someone who is a seasoned veteran. We will definitely be going back!

You can find Rice and Noodles at


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